Matthew Axelrod


Satindar Dogra


Adam Lurie



Mary Jacoby

Global Investigations Review


Wednesday, 3 May

16.00 - 17.00: Privilege: Shifting Sands - protecting your information in cross-border regulatory investigations

With cross-border enforcement on the rise, companies must consider what information, if any, to provide to various regulators.  But that’s only the start of the challenge. Having decided to provide information, companies must carefully consider how to protect their privileged and otherwise protected information, including information subject to data protection law.  

This GIR Live webinar will break down these challenges as well as looking at various strategies that companies can take to protect that which is privileged or protected when interacting with regulators around the world.

In the GIR Live style, the webinar will aim to be highly conversational and will include time for a question and answer session with the presenters.  

Issues to be addressed include:

  • How to protect privilege and data privacy during an internal investigation in response to a regulator.
  • How to interact with regulators while preserving privilege and data protection rules. 
  • How do legal privileges and data privacy protections vary between key jurisdictions?
  • How does increasing cross-jurisdictional cooperation between regulators impact these considerations?
  • What recent developments should practitioners be aware of?