Mary Jacoby

Consulting Editor, Global Investigation Review & Just Anti-Corruption


Randall Arthur

Kobre & Kim

Carrie Tendler

Kobre & Kim

James Mintz

Mintz Group

George "Ren" McEachern

Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

Carrie Tendler and Randall Arthur, two judgment enforcement and asset recovery counsel from Kobre & Kim; Jim Mintz, the founder and CEO of global investigative firm Mintz Group LLC; and Ren McEachern, supervisory special agent with the FBI's kleptocracy unit, will draw on their substantial experience in asset tracing and recovery to present on how legal teams and investigators can develop coordinated investigative strategies — including exploiting judicial mechanisms—to locate and recover debtor's assets across multiple jurisdictions, including offshore havens.  The panel will outline the common steps recalcitrant debtors take to structure and hide assets and — in turn— how each of these steps have vulnerabilities and provide opportunities for investigators and legal teams to find assets.  

Among the questions the panel will seek to answer are:

  • What judicial mechanisms in debtors' favored jurisdictions can assist in tracing and recovering assets?
  • Are the patterns in how subjects hide assets the same around the world?
  • Are the patterns subjects use to hide and structure assets the same regardless of whether they are clean or dirty?
  • How can all of these factors be pulled together to formulate a coordinated global recovery strategy?